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 William Branham De Geest openbaarde William Branham verborgenheden uit het leven van mensen die hij nooit in zijn leven gezien had.
William Branham maakte nooit één fout wanneer God aan hem in visioenen hun ziekten, namen, adressen, verborgen zonden en gedetailleerde gebeurtenissen uit het verleden van de mensen openbaarde. Honderden geluidsbanden van de samenkomsten en duizenden ooggetuigen hebben dit bevestigd.


Here, a little lady setting there nodding her head, right here looking at me, about second row there, you're suffering with a sinus trouble. That is right. 'Course you don't have a prayer card, do you? There's no prayer card. And you're just setting there, praying. And I see you with headaches and rubbing your head like this. And you were praying, "Lord Jesus, I believe it." If that's right, raise up your hand? How would I know what she was praying for? You won't have it no more. Jesus Christ makes you well. You touched the High Priest.

Setting right here in front of me, a few rows back, a little thin looking woman holding her hand to her throat... I'm a stranger to her, but she's shadowed to death. She has cancer. She's been operated on, and her throat's closed up. She can't neither eat nor drink. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. I don't know you, but you were praying. God's healed you, my sister. You accept your healing. You've touched the garment of the High Priest. Right straight back, the back of this place here, about middle ways of this isle, there's a little--there's a woman, and she's suffering with a high blood pressure. She--she's not from here, she a Finn. She's from Finland. If you believe, sister, you receive your healing. "Jumalan rauhaa," rise up to your feet and accept your healing and be made well. God bless you. "Kiitos Jesus." Hallelujah! What was I saying? If thou canst believe.

Tell that little lady laying there with arthritis, have faith in God, get up from that cot and go on home. Away up in the balcony there, there's a lady praying. There's something wrong with her--her ear. It's behind her ear, a mastoid trouble. She's ready for an operation. That you might know who it is, your name is Mrs. Delaney. Rise up to your feet, Mrs. Delaney, and accept your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. What did she touch? God's great Holy Spirit, the High Priest of our confession. Do you believe that He's here? Then stand up to your feet and receive Him, every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Stand up and believe Him with all your heart. Raise up your hands now as we pray.

O Lord God, Who sent the Morning Star, Who gave us Jesus Christ in the resurrection, His power here with us now, I condemn unbelief, and break the power of the devil through prayer, confessing that an Angel of God came to me fourteen years ago and confirmed this manifestation. And we stand in the Name of Jesus Christ. Satan, you are defeated. Jesus Christ defeated you with His vicarious suffering and death at Calvary. Come out of this place and away from these people, that they can be made well through Jesus Christ's Name. Rise up. Praise Him. Raise your hands to Him. It's over. Jesus died. Jesus arose. Jesus is here, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I give you over to Jesus Christ and this Spirit is here. There's no need for you to be sick any longer, or sinful any longer. God bless you.

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Peter van Oort

Peter van Oort

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